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for infertility clinics, donor agencies
and IVF providers

If you are an infetility clinic, or anyway you are a player in the field of infertility and IVF, you have now a way to better assist your customers, giving them the access to the most innovative solution for donor characterization and for the match process.

 donorsgenome™ is the NGS based, state of the art, whole genome sequencing and analysis solution conceived and developed specifically for the needs of those who must use an eggs or sperm donor.

Partnering with us, you will have full access to this extraordinary tool, and you will be able to use it for your customers, giving them one more reason
to choose you and your quality.

different ways of cooperation...

we are flexible, we can provide you different levels of service and a we can create a customized cooperation based on your needs! some customizations can include:


full service or  SaaS

If you have an NGS lab, or you usually work with an NGS state of the art lab, you can do yourself the genome sequencing, according to our specifications, and you can provide us with the fastq or BAM files, so that we will do the bioinformatics analysis and the reporting part.
This is our SaaS (software as a service) solution, or what we call "you sequence, we analyze".
 If you do not have an NGS laboratory, we can provide you with the full service, from the supply of the saliva collection kits to sequencing, analysis and reporting. We can also host the sequencing raw data on a cloud solution, to be maintained available for next uses.
 Obviously, we can provide any desired customization. 


preventive sequencing of your whole donors inventory, or on request

You can choose to sequence your whole donors inventory, and to  have the reports immediately available for parents looking at the profiles of potential donors. Or you can choose to sequence just a part of your donors inventory, to create some "premium" donors profiles.
Or, you can choose to sequence the donor's genome "ond demand" upon a request received from the parents.
Or, any combination of these possibilities.


coverage and clinical grade

We offer different sequencing solutions, with different coverage, at different costs: from 1X WGS with imputation, to 30X WGS clinical grade, depending of your needs (informational or diagnostic purpose).


report customization

Our donor's genome report is very comprehensive, with a lot of useful information about 10.000+ genes related to diseases and risk of disease (including tumors, cardiovascular, autoimmune, metabolic, allergies, immune system, neurological diseases), carrier status for recessive genetic diseases, pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, personal traits, appearance and lifestyle, personality and intellectual abilities, nutrition, diet and metabolism, weight control and management, fitness, athletics, tendon and joint injuries, skin care & beauty, longevity & antiaging...However, however, we can customize the donor's genome report by adding or removing sections or information, according to your needs and requirements.


flexible business model

We can partner on different basis. We can offer our services to you, get paid by you, without having a direct relationship with your donors and parents. Or, if you prefer, you can refer us the clients who ask for donorsgenome™. Or again, we can bille customers directly.
We are also flexible about the branding. You can use the brand donorsgenome™, oryou can partner and work with us on a co branding basis. Or, again, you can use your own brand.
You can set up the pricing you prefer.
In any case, we will find a satisfactory agreement and model of collaboration for all of us.


everything else

We are ready to discuss every aspect with you, to personalize the service, the offer and the cooperation model, in order to find
the solutions that meet your needs and that of your customers
Ask us!

what do you have to do?


• we will analyze the genome of your eggs or sperm donors

• you need to provide us with a donor's saliva sample, or, if you do not have, with a blood sample

  • in case you want to run the sequencing in your NGS lab, you just need to provide us the fastq or BAM files from a whole genome or whole exome sequencing

  • we will provide you with the final report, the VCF file (and also fastq and BAM files, in case we do the sequencing)

you can choose to sequence preventively the genome of the donors (all, or just some) in order to have an inventory with the possibility, for parents, to immediately access this powerful information, or you can ask us for the service "on demand", when parents ask you for more specific information about a particular donor or some donors

donorsgenome™ match 

• in addition to analyze the eggs or sperm donor's genome, we need to analyze the genome of one or both parents

• you need to provide us also with  a saliva (or blood) sample collected by the parent(s) asking for the match, or, if you do the sequensing yourself, with the fastq or BAM files

• if you alreadu sequenced the donor, we just need to do the test on the parent(s) asking for the match, and we will generate the reports

you can see all the possibilities checking the
"test options" section

interested to partner?
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